On checklists and count downs

So the IFSS 2017  drums are now at their loudest. In two weeks we will be starting our two week 45th IFSS journey. Its

Participants are checking their passports and travel bags.  Time has just flown by since the last registration update.

The 45th IFSS is loaded, only 14 days to go

If you are attending the pre-symposium tour in the Cape, you  can even start selecting your seat on the plane for the trip.

14 days

The organizing committee is polishing up finalities. Sponsorship for the event is closing in, check out our sponsorship page  and also  stay glued to this news page as we will be profiling our sponsors here in the run-up to Day 1 of IFSS 2017.

The theme for the event as you already know, but: there no harm in hearing it again and again is FORESTRY IN A DIVERSE ENVIRONMENT: “SIYAPHI” Where to from here?, the program to complement this rich theme is now just waiting for the energy of IFSS 2017 participants to liven it.

Be sure to continue following our facebook page as  it has all the updates and information you need as you pack your bags. Its also got some interesting gems about the southern tip of Africa. If you would like to get some clarifications from the organizing committee send them a message on facebook or on this contact page.

So…. hurry up, khawulezisa the South African IFSS is here!



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