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Who can attend IFSS 2017?

The International Forestry Students’ Symposium ( IFSS) is the largest annual IFSA meeting. Therefore, priority will be given to IFSA members, followed by Alumni and non-members.

You need to be at least 18 years old by June the 30th 2017, in order to attend IFSS 2017.

 How many people from each Local Committee (LC) can attend IFSS?

Two spots, though one spot is first assigned and the second one will be depending on availability.
Note: since spots are limited and not everyone might be offered a spot initially, LCs should internally decide who gets priority to attend, based on each LC’s criteria, and submit the ranking with the letter of support.

The idea is to have representatives from all over the world. Therefore, anyone interested in attending IFSS should apply before the February 28th  deadline, so we know who is interested in coming.

How can I attend IFSS 2017?

Everyone wishing to attend IFSS (including non-members and Alumni) will need to submit an online application form between February  10th and February 28th, 2016. This will then be reviewed by the Organizing Committee. Members of an LC need to submit a letter of support from their LC President for the applications to be processed. With the letter of support you also have to send a copy of your valid passport.

By March 5th, all applicants will be notified if their application was accepted, waitlisted or rejected.

All the information related to registration can be found on the Registration page


 What is the letter of support?

The letter of support is a letter signed by your LC President. It is intended to confirm that you are a member of an LC. It must include the name of your LC, University, and your full name. All nominated applicants from an LC can be included in the same letter. If multiple people from an LC apply, the letter should also state the ranking of who gets priority to attend IFSS.

We require all IFSA members to submit the letter of support (Word or PDF) to register.ifss2017@gmail.com by the February 28th 2017 deadline (email subject: LETTER OF SUPPORT). 

 Who doesn’t need to submit a letter of support?

We do not require a letter of support from non-members, Alumni, and IFSA Officials (IFSA 7, Heads of Commission, Liaison Officers or Regional Representatives).


 Who is an IFSA Alumni?

You are considered an Alumnus/Alumnae if you have graduated from school (undergraduate or graduate studies) at the time of application and/or time of the Symposium and either are or have been a member of an IFSA LC during your studies. Alumni will be able to attend IFSS 2017 for a reduced number of days (8), and costs will also differ.

 What will Alumni do at IFSS?

Alumni will participate in all the activities of the Symposium for the 8 days of their stay, including International Night! However, Alumni do not attend the Plenary Sessions. During the General Assembly Sessions, Alumni can plan their own activities (such as city tours) or enjoy their free time!

 How many Alumni will get to participate in IFSS?

For each week of IFSS, 5 spots are reserved for Alumni. This means a total of 10 people can participate, for 8 days each. As far as administratively possible, you will be able to choose which week to attend. Those who apply first get first choice, furthermore we are also aiming for gender and demographic balanced participation. Please indicate your preferred week of participation, when sending in a copy of your valid passport.

The first week of IFSS starts in the Southern Cape and ends in the Eastern Cape. The second week starts in Eastern Cape and ends in Gauteng. Alumni will have to organise the travel to and from the airport of arrival on their own.

How much does it cost for a IFSA Alumni to attend IFSS 2017?

The cost for IFSA Alumni for 8 days will be 350 €, independent of country of residence.  


 How much does it cost to attend IFSS 2017?

The registration fee depends on the location of the Local Committee that you are with (not your country of birth/citizenship) – Check the classification of your LC country HERE:

  • High income economies: 350 €*
  • Middle income economies: 250 €*
  • Low income economies: 150 €*

* Inclusive associated online/bank transaction fees.  

Does it include meals and accommodations?

Yes, it includes meals, activities, accommodation and transportation within the symposium.

Do you provide financial assistance for participants?

Unfortunately, no. We recommend looking at government funds and awards within your home country and university or other sponsors.

 How do I pay for the registration? Do you accept online payment?

Participants have to pay online through international banking transfer. You need to pay after receiving our acceptance email of your successful registration. All the details will be in the acceptance email.

Payment of the full registration fee is required latest by March 31st 2017, to confirm your spot. More details will be sent out in the acceptance email!

Participants will be charged for any additional costs due to wrong transferals.

 What if I want to join the Pre-Tour? Should I pay in advance?

You will need to select this option when you are submitting your general application form to attend IFSS 2017. Spots are limited, so they will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Fees will be paid cash at the start of the trip.

 What if I paid but cannot attend the IFSS in the end?

Due to our tightly planned budget following deadlines need to be considered

1 May – last day for accepted applicants to notify us if you cannot attend anymore and receive 50% reimbursement of the registration fee

15 May – last day for accepted applicants to cancel and receive 25% of registration fee


 Do all these fees include insurance?

No, they don’t.

As a participant of IFSS, you are responsible to seek personal travel medical insurance. Upon arrival, the OC will check that each participant has a valid travel medical insurance to cover hospital visits and emergency evacuation as a required condition for participation.


 Do I need a visa to enter South Africa? Will you be able to support me in the process?

Find out if you need a visa by checking this website. If you do require a visa and are accepted to be part of IFSS, we will be able to provide you with assistance (e.g. invitation letter). The deadlines are planned so that accepted applicants can apply for their visas on time. However, it is up to each applicant to make sure all the visa applications are completed in a timely manner!

Inform the OC as soon as possible on your visa progress.


 Will there be  presentations at IFSS 2017?

There will be a paper and poster presentation session! You can apply to present a paper poster when submitting your online application form.You will be notified in your acceptance email, if your paper or poster has been selected.

Students presenting a poster or paper will receive an additional invitation letter to IFSS 2017 that mentions you will contribute academically to the symposium.


 What nights will be covered by IFSS?

The registration fee includes all nights from the arrival day on the 2nd of July to the departure day on the 17th.The final night of the IFSS will be the 16th. IFSS 2017 will officially end after breakfast on the17th.